VisionaryGu - Rune Cards and Love Ritual in Estelí

VisionaryGu - Rune Cards and Love Ritual

VisionaryGu - Rune Cards, Love Ritual, I Ching in Estelí. Feel Stuck and confused? 5 star psychic.Predictions continuously come to pass! Expertise in love, relationship,marriage,career,business, finance,court case,soul mate,twin flame,relocation,energy healing,chakra cleansing,meditation guide,astrology natal an 16+ years experience, over 20K readings & 4 years on Oranum. Clairvoyant,Clairsentient. Tarot expert,Rune,Lenormand, IChing,Dowser, Chinese Fortune Teller Pendulum, Reiki Master, Life Coach. Specialities: reconciling relationships, Predictions Love life/Career/Finance/Court Case. Soul mates/Twin flame confirmation. Guidance /Time frame for predictions.No Sugar Coat no false hope.Only reveal Truth. Rude, Sneaky, cunning, dishonest, negative thinking, gossiping, taking things and people for granted 20 years of experience in Estelí.

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